Ride Rules


For most rides we meet up at Hidden Valley Harley-Davidson. View Map

  1. Arrive with a full tank of fuel and an empty bladder. Fuel stops will be made as required along the way.
  2. Have appropriate riding gear for expected conditions.
  3. The nominated Ride Captain leads the group. DO NOT OVERTAKE him or her.
  4. A motor cycle requires a FULL LANE to operate safely. We ride in STAGGERED FORMATION and NOT SIDE BY SIDE.
    • One second rule: The bike to the left or right of you should not be less than one second ahead of you.
    • Two second rule: Maintain two seconds between you and the bike in front of you.
    • Four second rule: Your eyes should be watching a few bikes ahead of you, not fixed on the bike in front of you.
  5. We only use one lane of a multi lane highway. That is the lane the Road Captain is using.
  6. Maintain a constant speed, this helps prevent the "Rubber Band" effect. Always adhere to the speed limits.
  7. A rider will be nominated to ride at the rear of the group. It is his or her responsibility to ensure that the riders DO NOT GET LOST and to render assistance if necessary.
  8. The group as a whole MUST NOT stop for an individual as it can be dangerous to have the whole group stop on the side of the road. The nominated Tail End rider will stop and render assistance.
  9. When we do stop as a group, be sure to park well off the road.
  10. ALWAYS signal your intention to change lanes. Keep a safe distance behind the rider in front, CHECK YOUR MIRRORS often and concentrate on your riding.
  11. If every rider can see the rider behind him or her in the mirrors, the group should not get split up. Adjust your speed to do so.
  12. We ride as a GROUP to and from our destination until we split up to go home. KEEP THE GROUP TOGETHER, TRY NOT TO LAG BEHIND. Rides will be listed as HOG or NON-HOG. On a HOG ride, only HARLEYS may be ridden but friends or visitors may meet us at the destination. On a NON-HOG ride, members friends or visitors may ride NON-HARLEYS but at the rear of the group. In both cases any friends or visitors will be the responsibility of the member who invited them.
  13. Riders in doubt about ANY aspect of the ride should ask the Road Captain or appointed Road Marshall for assistance.
  14. Although it is a group ride, safety is a personal responsibility.
  15. Novices or riders new to the group should ride towards the back until they are comfortable.
  16. If it isn't safe to pass, go through an intersection, or turn: DON'T.
  17. In spite of what the group does, pass as if you were riding alone (within formation).
  18. Stay within the bounds of your skill level. Don`t be influenced by the bike ahead of you diving into curves. Group riding is neither a race nor a competition.
  19. If you don't feel comfortable riding in a group, ride on your own.

Staggered Riding Formation

Changing Lanes


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